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How to Trade Crypto on Tokocrypto So You Don't Lose

Digital news is buzzing about cryptocurrency. Not a few have also started learning how to trade crypto on Tokocrypto to follow successful traders.

Because the benefits they offer make our eyes become money, money, and money. Almost the same as investing in gold, but the difference is that crypto trading can get big profits in a short time without having to wait for next year.

What is Crypto

Simply put, crypto is one of the digital assets that you can own directly. A simple concept that often occurs, traders will buy the value of an asset when the price goes down, and sell it when the price goes up. However, it is different with investors who prefer to keep it as long-term savings.

Steps for Trading Crypto at TokoCrypto

The first step to trading crypto at a crypto shop is to have an account. To have this account is very easy, just register yourself according to your ID card. Because later KYC verification will be needed as validation of account ownership. You can download the Crypto Store application first on the Google PlayStore for free.

In addition to benefiting from trading, the Crypto store also offers interesting facilities, namely referrals. Where when friends or other people register with your referral code, then automatically, you will get a commission, when they make transactions. That is, this can be passive income for you instead.

Making a Deposit

If you already have an account at a crypto store, then it's time for you to make a deposit. This step, so that you have a balance in the crypto store, which will be used to buy the value of the assets in it. You can make a deposit with a local bank, so you don't even need an international bank. You can already trade crypto.

How to Trade Crypto on Tokocrypto Through Transactions

We need to know that in crypto stores there are two types of investment transactions, namely limit orders and market orders.

Limit Order

In this crypto limit order investment transaction, we no longer set and determine the purchase price that we will do. This is often done by traders to overcome or compete with traders who use market orders.

Market Order

In contrast to limit orders, this market order has an instantaneous nature. We do not need to determine the price when selling our assets. Because the value of the price will enter according to the market that occurs.

But for beginners, you should use the limit order option. So that we can while learning and understanding the stock market. That way, we can train and familiarize ourselves with asset value movements that occur in the crypto stock market.

Choosing Assets to Trade Crypto on Tokocrypto

It is very important for us to choose assets that have great opportunities in the crypto store. This is what we really need, so that we experience losses. The asset value that is suitable for us is to pay attention to our capital and expertise. Do not let us say hello to choosing crypto assets that are confusing or frequent drastic movements occur.

However, it does not mean that the value of assets that move significantly always suffer losses. Because basically, we go back to understanding the market and asset value from time to time. That way we can predict the movement of the asset value. Will it decrease, or will it increase?