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Best Old Face App Free (Facetune, Funimate, Snap Camera)

Facetune, Funimate, Snap Camera - Currently, there are many makeup applications for editing faces, including photo editing applications for aging faces on Android phones. In general, with old face filters and grandpa and grandma face effects, people get fun stuff as jokes, whether with friends or a partner.

Until now, photo editing applications for aging faces are also popular among people, especially for entertainment on social media with the hashtag #AgeChallenge. Moreover, android applications can also be downloaded for free, such as through the Google Play Store application.

Download Best Photo Editor Mobile app

In general, the application does not only play a role in turning the face old, but also offers additional effects to support the main features, such as technology to change hair to white. In the process, the majority of applications are recommended to be used online to edit faces to be old.

1. FaceApp: Facetune Alternate


  • Offers a variety of photorealistic stickers to add wrinkles and turn hair into gray hair
  • Has a simple interface so that with one tap the user turns his face old
  • Can be used for editing and sharing old photos for free.

If you need an application to turn your face old in seconds, then the answer is FaceApp. This is not without reason, because FaceApp is one of the applications with the most advanced artificial intelligence, especially with facial aging algorithms.

Download: Here

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2. FaceLab: Funimate Alternate


  • Offers a time machine to change the face to be old
  • Have cartoon effect to change face
  • There is an Al Palmistry feature for professional palm reading.

FaceLab is a photo editing application for aging faces on Android phones. Until now, the application was downloaded more than 500 thousand times with a rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars. Basically, the app is used to predict a person's future and past face.

Download: Here

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3. Old Age Face Effects App


  • Users can add stickers and filters to improve quality
  • Offers a feature to change gender
  • Can edit the face like other makeup applications, such as to make the face fat.

The next aging face photo editing application is the Old Age Face Effects App, where the application was developed by a developer named Dhew. In practice, the application also offers other features, such as swapping old faces, changing gender photos, to makeup applications for face editing.

Download: Here

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4. Magic Face: Snap Camera Alternate


  • Can predict aging
  • Has a selfie camera so editing can be done easily
  • Offers various additional features, such as predicting baby photos, young camera, gender transformation, and more.

Did you know that the Magic Face application can be used to answer how users will look in the future? Thus, people can find old face predictions from decades to come to predicting baby photos with partners for entertainment.

Download: Here

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