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Download Background Photo Editor App Just 1 Click

DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL APPS - Removing or changing the background of a photo  is one of the most common photo edits used by professional and amateur photographers. Because you take pictures of the products and  need them on a white background.

As many people take pictures with their smartphones, there are many apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store that can help you achieve this effect. Just click DOWNLOAD or INSTALL the Apps.

Best Background Photo Editor App

In addition to all these features, we have considered ease of use to select the best phone app for editing background photos.

1. Background Eraser – Remove Image Background

This free wallpaper changer app is very easy to use and offers most  features  for free. You can use AI cutouts to erase the background of your photo, draw a selection around your subject.

Or you can use one of the standard shapes in this background photo editor apps. You can also add a new background that allows the photos uploaded from the library to be monochromatic.

2. Adobe Photoshop Mix 

Unlike the  desktop version, all Photoshop apps are free to download at no hidden charge, but you must sign in with your Adobe account.

You can crop the subject from the background or remove sections from the photo and merge them with other images. Each image is a layer that  can be blended or adjusted for more realistic results.

3. Background Eraser: superimpose

This app has several tools to help you remove backgrounds, overlay photos, and overlay. You can do this manually by switching between the Delete and Recover buttons to narrow down the results.

You also can use automated tools to aim by area or color. Once you have separated the subject, you can control the smoothness of the edges for better results.

4. PhotoLayers – Superimpose

You can easily make fun and realistic photo montages and collages using this app. Even if it`s not as intuitive as others, the multiple tools available help you to achieve great results.

I find it`s one of the best for accuracy and smoothness. Start by choosing your background image, then add another on top to start compositing.